April 30, 2010

'down to earth'

Today it was QUEENS DAY!
I went to town with my friend and we took some piccs ;]
The parties were actually kinda boring,
Everyone was like... 20 or 30 haha.
But even though we didn't like the parties, we had a great time!
Hope you like my 'down to earth' pictures!

Granny's house

Granny's house is one of the best places to take pictures.
Every time we visit her, she gets out this really old biscuit can,
Ain't that cute?
So I took some piccs and I hope you like them!

April 23, 2010

like a dream.

~Find your own happy place,
Mine is a secret garden.
Its like one squared meter,
But my heart can be released.~

I made some new piccs today, hope ya like them!

April 20, 2010

Jazz performance

It was great to cooperate with this show!

Hope you like these piccs ;]

Friday I'll probably post some new outfits,
Cause thursday i'm gonna go shopping!
Time to spend some money!

April 10, 2010

Love for photo's

I just love making photo's,
and of course,
That's the reason I make them.

These are some piccs I made, hope you like them ;]

April 8, 2010

Modern Chique

Born to talk,
Born to have fun,
Born to be happy,
Born to love,
Born to bo loved.

Hope you like my pictures!

April 2, 2010


Over and over again,
You were able to fool me.
Next time you won't,
Next time I'll be strong enough,
Next time I will see it.
And fool you,
Just like you did to me.

Hope you like my piccs :]